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Keeping Savannah, GA Wildlife Out Of Your Home

Wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels, and opossums, are animals that most people don’t mind encountering outdoors, as long as it’s from a distance. However, if they get into your Savannah or Pooler home, they immediately become too close for comfort. When various forms of wildlife get into your house, they will cause a plethora of problems, from damaging important things inside to hurting your family members.

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Getting rid of wildlife can be tricky. Doing it on your own may not be entirely successful and can be quite dangerous to your physical well-being. Instead of putting yourself at risk, you should contact the professionals at Prestige Pest Control. We offer wildlife control services to safely and effectively eliminate the wildlife in your house while also preventing the problem from occurring again.

Our Wildlife Control Process


The wildlife inspection is an important start to our wildlife control service. We need to identify the type of pest that has gotten into your home and take measurements of your house and the entry points used by the wildlife to get inside. Once we have this information, we can develop a wildlife control plan tailored to your home’s particular needs.


The first step in our wildlife control treatment process is to get the animals out of your house. We typically do this through the use of one-way doors. We’ll install these in the areas that the wildlife is already using to get in and out. Once the wildlife inside the house exits through the door, they will be unable to get back inside.

We’ll leave the one-way doors in place for about a month to allow time for all animals inside to exit. Once they are gone, we’ll remove the door and move to the second part of our wildlife control treatment process.

The second part of the process is performing exclusion work. We do a total exclusion to seal all entry points around the exterior of your house, ensuring that pests cannot get back inside. Our exclusion work comes with a one year warranty.

Please note: If pests have their young with them, we will delay removal until they’ve had a chance to mature. When the time is right, we will provide the service necessary to remove them from your home and prevent them from returning.

Protecting Your Home & Family From Intrusive Wildlife

If squirrels, raccoons, or opossums have invaded your house, you need the help of Prestige Pest Control to get rid of them. Our residential pest management services safely and humanely remove the animals from your home before sealing the entry points to disallow reentry. To request a wildlife inspection or to learn more about our home or commercial pest control solutions, please contact us today. 


Is your property overrun with wildlife? We can help!

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