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Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Savannah, GA Home

Rodents are one of the most destructive pests in the Savannah and Pooler area. They love to get into homes due to the warm shelter and ready food supply, but they become terrible house guests once there. They’ll chew on whatever they can find, including your belongings, walls, wiring, pipes, and other important elements of your house. They’ll leave fecal matter wherever they walk, contaminating your food and making your family sick in the process. Rodents may look harmless enough, but they are far from innocent.

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If you’ve noticed signs of a rodent infestation, such as finding droppings, hearing scratching sounds in your walls, or seeing jagged holes in the sides of food containers, you need to do something about it right away. The longer a rodent infestation is allowed to stay in your home, the larger it will get, and the more destruction will occur. Prestige Pest Control offers rodent control services to rid your home of rodents and keep them from coming back.

Our Rodent Control Process


Your particular needs and the services you want us to perform will dictate what we do during your inspection. It will begin by talking with you about what you’ve been experiencing. We’ll go over the services we offer so that you can decide what you’d like us to do. If you choose only to have us remove the rodents from your home, we’ll move right to the treatment. If you want us to perform exclusion work to seal the entry points rodents have been using to access your house, we’ll take this inspection time to identify the entry points and do the necessary measurements to perform the exclusion work.


In order to rid your home of rodents, we provide trapping and baiting services. If you prefer one over the other, we will work with you to decide the treatment method you are most comfortable with. Our traps are live traps that the rodents enter but can’t exit. We will return to your home to check these traps regularly. If a trap has caught a rodent, we’ll remove the trap, release the rodent in another location, then return the trap to your home. We also offer inconspicuous traps. These can look like rocks and other common objects.


We recommend adding our exclusion work to your rodent control plan. Although removing the rodents already in your house may be your top priority, it won’t do very much good if other rodents can find their way inside using the same access points. By sealing up the entry points we find around the exterior of your house, we will help prevent a future rodent infestation.


If you have a recurring pest control plan with us and have had it for at least three consecutive months, our rodent control services are fully warrantied. We will take care of any rodent problems you experience for as long as your service is active.

Protect Your Pooler Home From Harmful Rodents

Rodents are pests that you do not want in your house. As soon as you notice their presence, you must do something about it. Prestige Pest Control has the experience and knowledge you need to fully eliminate your rodent problem in a way you are comfortable with. Contact us today to request a rodent inspection or to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.


Is your property overrun with rodents? We can help!

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