Savannah's Rat Control Problem and How To Combat It

up close image of a roof rat sitting in an attic

As a Savannah home or business owner, you have the potential to experience a long list of problems. Roof leaks, burglary, and broken appliances are only some of the issues you might be ready to endure. But are you ready for a rat infestation? Savannah has a rat problem, and the pests could come to your house next.

What Rats Are In Savannah?

Although there are several types of rats in Savannah, the only one that's making news headlines - roof rats; according to a survey, Savannah has more complaints about roof rats than any other city in the United States. Every year, residents in the city make more complaints to pest control professionals than anywhere else.

Roof rats are agile black rats that tend to invade homes by climbing on trees and roofs. In addition to being good at invading homes, these rats have another strike against them. They are notorious for spreading diseases and may be responsible for spreading the Bubonic Plague.

While roof rats aren't native to Savannah, they certainly have made themselves at home. Originally from Asia, roof rats love the warm and humid climate of Savannah. They have plenty of food, thanks to humans leaving their trash our and pantries accessible.

What's The Big Deal About Rats?

You might be wondering why rats are a problem. After all, they don't go out of their way to bite humans, and they mostly keep to themselves. Unfortunately, rats are much more dangerous than they seem.

First, rats have the ability to spread diseases. When they defecate and urinate in your home, rats have the potential to make you very sick. They also carry parasites that spread diseases, which further increases the risk of you getting sick.

Secondly, rats cause property damage. There's no doubt about it; if you have rats in your home, you will experience property damage. As part of their need to survive, rats chew on things. This keeps their teeth from getting too long, but it's bad news for your home. With the ability to chew through most building materials, rats can cause enough damage to leave you with hefty repair bills. If rats chew on your electrical wiring, you could be in danger of a fire.

What You Can Do About Rats

To avoid the frustrations and dangers that come with rat infestations, you need to take action. There are a few small things you can do to deter these Savannah pests.

  • Seal Up Openings: If a rat sees an opening in your home, it can chew at it to make an entrance. You should try to make your home harder to access by sealing it up well. Use caulk and foam to seal up potential access points.
  • Store Trash In Cans With Lids: Your open cans of garbage are a feast for rats. If you don't want to be overrun by these critters, you should store your garbage in cans with lids.
  • Keep Trees From Touching Your Home: If you have trees touching your home, roof rats have an easy way of getting inside. Keep your tree branches as far away from your home as possible. 

Working With A Team Of Professionals

There's only one effective way of keeping rats away or evicting them from your home. For the best result, trust us at Prestige Pest Control. With years of industry experience, we know how to protect your home or business from rats. There's no need to let your home be the next location of a rat infestation. You can trust us for ongoing rat control, as well as other pest control needs. Call now to learn more.