How To Spot Signs Of Termites On Your Liberty County Property

termite chewing on wood

There are annoying pests, and then there are pests that threaten your well-being. Termites are the latter. These destructive insects literally eat families out of house and home and often go undetected for several years before being noticed. To help you protect your Liberty County property against the damage termites cause, here are a few signs to look for in order to spot these invasive pests.

Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites are the most common species of termites here in Liberty County and around the world. These invasive pests live underground in large colonies and invade homes through pathways created by workers. When looking to harvest wood from a home, subterranean termites might build mud tubes. They make these pencil-sized, enclosed tubes so they can cross non-wood barriers such as a concrete foundation and protect themselves from drying out as they climb up the exterior of a home.

Soft Clicking Sounds

You are unlikely ever to see a live worker termite. You can, however, hear them chewing through a wall if you press your ear up to it. If your home has an infestation of these destructive pests, try listening to your walls. If you hear a soft clicking sound, there is a chance it could be worker termites pulling apart your home's structural wood from the inside out.

Overly Squeaky Floorboards

When termites tunnel beneath floors, they create space and spread moisture. These two things cause floorboards to expand and contract, often leading to an audible squeak that, although doesn't directly identify termites, suggests they might be around.

Sagging Drywall Or Bubbling Wallpaper Or Paint

As termites chew through walls, they spread moisture as they go. This moisture can severely affect drywall, paint, or wallpaper, causing them to sag, bubble, and crack. When it comes to water-damaged wood, one of two things is always true; either it is inviting termites into your home or telling you they are already around.

Termite Swarmers

Once a year, fully mature colonies of termites produce swarmers. These winged termites have reproductive capabilities and have the task of finding and establishing new nests. Where you find swarmers around your home can tell you a lot about your property's current risk. If you see these pests outdoors examining your home's exterior, it means there is a fully mature colony nearby and that there is a chance they will build a new one on your property. Finding these scouts indoors, however, is a much worse sign and often means your home is currently under attack. If this is the case for your property, schedule a professional inspection immediately!

More Severe Structural Damage

It takes several years for termites to severely damage a property to the point where warning signs are obvious. If the condition of your home gets to this point, you will have no doubt termites are around. Signs like buckling beams, sagging ceilings, and other severe structural failures will ensure you know what is going on.

What To Do About Termites In Liberty County

It is not wise to wait until signs show up before taking action against termites. Your best bet is to invest in professional termite control today. Only an expert will have the needed equipment, training, and treatments required to effectively track, eliminate, and prevent these damaging pests. For the absolute best services in the Liberty County area, trust the professionals at Prestige Pest Control. We will get your property the comprehensive services it needs to stay protected against termites year-round.

Call us today for more details and schedule your home for a thorough pest inspection. Learn more about our home pest control process and our termite control offerings.