Three Easy & Effective Opossum Prevention Tips For Savannah Homeowners

an opossum family sitting on a log

Insects are typically the focus for Savannah, GA homeowners when they pursue pest remediation. Bugs are persistent invaders who can destroy buildings and personal effects. If they don’t take down what belongs to you, they can impact your health. The majority can either transmit diseases or pass along germs that cause illnesses. Several species are capable of quickly reproducing in volume, so the chances of disaster are great. Insects aren’t the only creepy crawlers that can wreak havoc, however.

Wildlife, such as raccoons and birds, are just as prevalent and detrimental as bugs are. In some cases, they’re more worrisome. Opossums are rampant in the region and they are dangerous to be around. Learn now how to avoid them with these three prevention tips from Prestige Pest Control.

Tip #1 Take Care of Your Home’s Structure

To block off potential entry points to your home, seal openings in rooflines, foundations, windows, and doors. Also, make sure your vent covers are in good condition.

As you might have guessed, opossums are similar to possums. The four-legged creatures have gray and white coats, hairless round ears, and tails akin to a rat’s. Their elongated faces are pointed. Having a length of 40 inches, they are comparable to domestic cats in terms of size. Females have a pouch around their abdomen for their newborns.

While opossums can survive in a variety of conditions and environments, they prefer grassy, woody, or watery zones, for instance, fields and streams. The pests can be found nesting in brush piles, hollow trees, and in burrows left by other animals. Naturally, having an abundance of food and water is paramount to them, so that dictates their location. Residential areas can be appealing. Among the things they’ll hunt for are:

  • Insects
  • Mammals
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Fruit
  • Grains

Considering what opossums usually eat, they can wreck farms, lawns, gardens, and greenery. Once they get cozy on your land, they’ll infiltrate garages and attics for shelter. Your domicile’s exterior, insulation, and ductwork may get ruined in the process. Don’t approach these animals; they can bite and emit an odorous defensive liquid. Further, they are carriers for fleas and mites, tularemia, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, and other illnesses.

Tip #2 Get Busy in the Yard

If opossums can’t find their favored items to consume, they’ll happily settle for the contents of your garbage or compost bins. Use secure containers with animal-proof tops for trash storage. Then, put the canisters in a neat outbuilding. Don’t leave pet bowls on the lawn overnight, as these creatures are nocturnal. Gather fallen fruit and remove organic debris. This is all to eliminate possible meal sources and hiding places. An additional step you can take is distancing plants, flowers, and woodpiles from your property.

Not only are opossums skilled swimmers, but they are also adept climbers. Moreover, they can leap high in the air. These pests have the ability to access your property from extending tree branches. You’ll need to have the broad limbs cut back. Last, but not least, it’s always a wise practice to mow your yard and trim the greenery regularly. If you have trouble with any critters opossums prey on, contact Prestige Pest Control.

Tip #3 Reach Out to Prestige Pest Control for Help

At Prestige Pest Control, we take pride in offering an array of pertinent services. This includes the kind of outdoor solutions necessary to manage and exterminate wildlife, like opossums. Our expert technicians know how to find their nests, address their passageways, and execute treatments. Our solutions are stalwart but safe. We have eco-friendly options available. Even if you need an emergency visit, we’ll come to the rescue. Call us now at Prestige Pest Control!