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Professional Pest Control For Pooler, GA Property Owners

Located in the outlying suburbs just 10 miles away from Savannah is the city of Pooler, Georgia. Although many people enjoy living in our area, the warm, humid weather provides the perfect conditions for pests to thrive in and around Pooler properties. To protect your Pooler home or business from all kinds of common pests, the professionals from Prestige Pest Control provide outstanding pest management services. We are a full-service pest control company that focuses on offering economical solutions that protect your home and health. Since 1986, we have been committed to providing only the best pest control services for residents in Pooler and throughout our service area. Don’t wait for pests to invade your home or business and threaten your quality of life. Instead, partner with the technicians here at Prestige Pest Control today to get started on your journey to a pest-free future!

Home Pest Control In Pooler, GA

Your Pooler home is one of your most important and fulfilling investments. So why would you allow pests to invade and put that investment at risk? Give your Pooler home and family the complete pest protection they need by putting into place an effective residential pest control plan from Prestige Pest Control. With our team of skilled pest technicians by your side, you can rest assured that your home will remain free of pests throughout the entire year. We have a deep understanding of area pests and how to keep them away from your property. Whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, rodents, spiders, or other pests, you can count on the professionals from Prestige Pest Control to get rid of them. Reach out to us today to learn more about all of our home pest control solutions or to get started on your first treatment.


Three Reasons DIY Rodent Control Doesn't Work For Pooler Residents

mouse infestation chewing wires

Pest problems can happen to anyone. And when mice and rats get into your Pooler home, DIY rodent control often seems like the obvious first step. Unfortunately, DIY rodent control usually doesn’t work for homeowners, and here’s why.

  1. DIY rodent control is often a waste of time and money. Rodents reproduce quickly, which means even if you eliminate a few of them, more will take their place. And if even one mouse manages to outsmart your DIY rodent control methods, it’s only a matter of time before one mouse turns into dozens.
  2. DIY rodent control can be dangerous. Rodents are wild animals, which means they’re unpredictable. Improper use of rodent control methods can lead to painful bites or scratches.
  3. DIY rodent control is difficult to maintain. Without the help of a professional, it can be challenging to check traps, apply products correctly, and eliminate an entire rodent infestation.

If rodents are living in your Pooler home, the professionals from Prestige Pest Control can help. Contact us today to learn more about our rodent control services.

Are Cockroaches Dangerous In Pooler, Georgia?

cockroach crawling in kitchen

Cockroaches are disturbing pests. Whether it’s the fact that they can live without their heads for nearly a week or the fact that they feed on all kinds of unsanitary materials, cockroaches are one of the most hated pests in the world. Cockroaches are reddish-brown insects with large, oval bodies. They thrive in warm, humid environments, which is why they often invade Pooler homes and businesses. These irritating pests will eat almost anything, including garbage, sewer matter, feces, carrion, and rotting organic materials. Unfortunately, cockroach infestations pose a significant threat to your health and wellbeing. Cockroaches spread a wide variety of dangerous diseases, such as salmonellosis, typhoid fever, dysentery, plague, and leprosy. In addition, cockroaches are also capable of triggering allergic reactions and asthma attacks in some individuals. To protect your Pooler home or business from cockroaches and other common pests, the professionals here at Prestige Pest Control are proud to provide ongoing pest control solutions. Our commercial and residential pest management services rely on high-quality treatments and proven methods of control. Give the technicians here at Prestige Pest Control a call today for more information about how we eliminate cockroach infestations.

Commercial Pest Control In Pooler, GA

As a business owner, you have many tasks to accomplish on a daily basis. With all of your normal responsibilities, it can be overwhelming to manage a pest infestation. The last thing your customers want to see when they enter your Pooler commercial facility is a pest infestation. Not only are pests a distraction to your employees, but they can also damage your property and spread harmful diseases to your customers. The most effective way to combat commercial pest problems is with professional pest control services from Prestige Pest Control. By utilizing the latest pest control technologies and treatment methods, we stop pests before they have the opportunity to cause problems in your Pooler business. Get in touch with the professionals here at Prestige Pest Control for more details about our comprehensive commercial pest control options.


How Termites Can Destroy Your Pooler Property

Hearing the word "termites" can raise alarm bells for property owners, and with good reason. These tiny pests can do large amounts of destruction around your home. It is estimated that termites cause over five billion dollars in damage annually across the United States. The average bill to repair termite damage in a single home can average well over several thousand dollars. These pests are so destructive because they do most of their damage in areas of your home where you can't see them. By the time they have made it to where you can see them and the damage they cause, it is too late.

Termites can damage the structural integrity of your home by chewing through the wood near your foundation or roof. They can also destroy the wood inside your home by making their way inside your walls. Again, it can be hard to spot these termites until the damage becomes extensive. To ensure that your home is termite-free and safe from damage, schedule a termite inspection today. We know where to look to find signs of termites in your home and use the latest in technology, including a radar that allows us to see inside your walls and determine if you have a termite problem. This will allow us to build a termite control plan for your home and keep it protected from the damage these pests can do.  


Are These Spiders In My Pooler Home Dangerous?

Seeing a spider in your home can lead to a completely understandable freakout. You can swat wildly with rolled-up magazines, try a fly swatter, or do something crazy like light hair spray on fire and burn it with your makeshift flamethrower (we do not recommend this at all!). Before you burn your house down, you should realize that a majority of the spiders you see in your Pooler home aren’t dangerous to humans.

While most spiders in your home aren’t dangerous, there are a few species you should be aware of. Dangerous spiders in Pooler include:

  • Black widow spider
  • Brown recluse spider

Both spiders have venom that can affect your health and can require a trip to the doctor for treatment. If you have spiders in your home and want to know if they are dangerous or not, let our trained exterminators at Prestige Pest Control inspect your home, identify the species that is causing you problems, and develop a control plan to keep your home spider-free. 


All The Ways You May Be Attracting Ants To Your Home In Pooler

Living in the South, you know that ants are a way of life. You deal with them all over the place, including in your home. Even though it may feel like they are everywhere and there is nothing you can do, there may be a reason you have ants in your home.

All of the following are ways you may be attracting ants to your home:

  • You have cracks in your walls or foundation.
  • You leave food out on the counter or don’t clean up crumbs.
  • You don’t wipe up spills immediately.
  • You leave pet food out where ants can get to it.
  • You have water sources around your property, like clogged gutters or leaky pipes.
  • Your yard is full of overgrown vegetation or debris piles.

Any of these simple reasons could be why you have an ant problem, and correcting these issues can help keep ants away. For professional help, call us at Prestige Pest Control and let one of our pest control experts inspect your home and identify the reasons you may have an ant problem.


Why Pooler Homeowners Shouldn’t Try DIY Bed Bug Removal

When you think about bed bugs, do you automatically start feeling itchy all over? Just the thought of these pesky pests is enough to keep most people from falling asleep. Seeing little brown or red spots on your sheets or waking up with itchy red dots all over your arms and legs could be signs that you may have bed bugs in your home.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, you may hop on the internet and look up DIY bed bug removal tips. You’ll find a variety of options ranging from washing your sheets in hot water to using cayenne pepper to drive them away. Unfortunately, none of these tactics are effective. Some of the DIY options may kill a few bed bugs, but they will almost certainly miss more than a few. Because of how fast they reproduce, leaving a few bed bugs behind means, you will have a full-blown infestation again quickly.  

For guaranteed effective treatment, call us at the first sign of bed bugs. Our exterminators are trained to kill bed bugs and use the latest bed bug control treatments to make sure the entire infestation is eliminated. Don’t trust your sleep to an internet search; let us take care of your bed bug problem and get you back to sleeping comfortably in your own home. 

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