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Have Mosquitoes Taken Over Your Savannah Lawn?

Mosquitoes are arguably the most irritating pest on the planet, and they are also one of the most dangerous. Although not all mosquito-borne diseases have made their way to the United States, mosquitoes kill more people worldwide than any other animal, and it’s very possible to get a serious illness from a mosquito right on your own Savannah property.

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If you have enough mosquitoes on your lawn to make going outside at dawn or dusk an unpleasant experience, it’s time to do something about these pesky pests. Prestige Pest Control offers mosquito control services to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for long-term mosquito control, hands-off services, or a one-time treatment.

Our Mosquito Control Offerings

At Prestige Pest Control, we offer several options for mosquito control to meet your individual needs.

The In2Care® Mosquito Trap

The In2Care® Mosquito Trap is the ideal choice for homeowners who want a long-term solution to mosquito problems. This easy-to-use system is safe, eco-friendly, and effective against both adult and larval mosquitoes. It uses the adult female mosquitoes themselves to spread the active ingredient around your property to other mosquitoes.

We’ll install the system in strategic locations around your lawn. Once installed, the female mosquitoes are attracted to the traps, and when they get into them, they pick up the product on their bodies. This product contains both a growth regulator and a biological fungus that will weaken and kill the mosquito, but not before it has a chance to fly around and spread the product to other mosquitoes and breeding areas.

Monthly Treatments

If you prefer a shorter-term commitment, our monthly mosquito control treatments are the choice for you. Beginning in early spring, we’ll come to your property once a month to treat your yard. Using a heavy sprayer, we’ll apply the treatment under bushes, shrubs, and other areas where adult mosquitoes spend time, as well as near areas of standing water where mosquitoes breed.

This treatment effectively eliminates adult mosquitoes, eggs, and larvae. By performing it once a month during mosquito season, we can keep your property as free of mosquitoes as possible, allowing you to enjoy your yard during the nicest months of the year.

One-Time Service

Our one-time mosquito control service is ideal for when you have a special event coming up. If you are planning an outdoor party, wedding, concert, or another event, you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, but too many mosquitoes will quickly ruin the party. Keep mosquitoes away from your Statesboro home by letting Prestige Pest Control treat your property before the big event.

Mosquito control You Can Count On In Pooler, GA

No matter what mosquito control method you decide is the right choice for your property, you can be sure that your yard will be a pleasant place to spend time, free of pesky and dangerous mosquitoes. If you have a home pest control or commercial pest control service plan with us, our mosquito control even comes with a warranty. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your mosquito control service.


Is your property overrun with mosquitoes? We can help!

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