Five Sure Signs Your Savannah, GA Home Has A Cockroach Problem

September 30, 2021

If you're anything like me, then there's a high chance you're in the habit of ignoring problems until they're too problematic to ignore. Trying to ignore a cockroach infestation, though, is one of the worst mistakes you could make as a Savannah homeowner. Cockroaches are tough to get rid of once they're well-established, and they can create some pretty serious health problems, especially if you already have pre-existing conditions.

cockroach crawling in a kitchen

Types Of Cockroaches

Unsure what kind of cockroaches to keep an eye out for? Thankfully, out of the thousands of known species worldwide, there are only four that are commonly found as pests in the Savannah area:

  • German cockroaches: ½ inch long, light brown, wings

  • Brown-banded cockroaches: ½ inch long, dark brown with light brown bands, wings

  • Oriental cockroaches: 1-1 ½ inch long, dark brown to black, wingless

  • American cockroaches: 1 ½-2 inches long, brown to light brown, wings

Since cockroaches are nocturnal by nature, it's much more likely to discover signs of their presence before seeing an actual roach. If you're already seeing cockroaches running around in the daylight, that's a sure sign an infestation is well out of control, and it's time to seek professional help. Think you might have an infestation but don't know what signs to look out for?

Sign #1: Cockroach Droppings

Before everything else, you'll likely find fecal remnants first. Depending on the species and size of the roach, this could look like a random pepper or coffee grounds spill or darkened rice-shaped pellets. Larger droppings are often mistaken for mouse droppings, so it's important to have a licensed professional make the call on what might be pooping on your countertops.

Sign #2: Brown Smear Marks

Smear marks are another type of refuse left behind by cockroaches, but this is a sign of high moisture levels within your home. They're commonly found where other types of droppings are discovered, and if you do find smears, it usually means there are leaks within your home that need to be repaired.

Sign #3: Egg Capsules And Empty Casings

Egg capsule appearance varies on the size and species of roach, but discovering these in your home is a guarantee that you already have an ongoing infestation. Ranging in color from light to dark brown, cockroach egg capsules are roughly ¼ to ½ of an inch in length and can hold 10-60 eggs at a time.

Sign #4: Shed Skin

As cockroaches are among the types of insects that molt as they grow, it's common to discover shed skin during an infestation. This means that an infestation is often established enough for cockroaches to grow through and past their nymph stages and into adulthood.

Sign #5: Musky Odor

Those who possess particularly sensitive noses can detect an early infestation by the musky smell that cockroaches emit. This is a pheromone they produce to attract other roaches to suitable habitation. Unfortunately, those who don't possess a sensitive nose can detect an infestation through smell, but it usually means the roach infestation is already well out of control.

Getting Rid Of A Cockroach Infestation In Your Savannah Home

Housing a cockroach infestation is dangerous, especially if you already see them scurrying around in broad daylight. Cockroaches spread and exacerbate many kinds of health problems:

  • E. coli

  • Salmonella

  • Dysentery

  • Asthma: cockroaches can trigger an attack and induce development in small children

  • Preexisting breathing problems

If you're struggling with cockroaches in your Savannah home, don't delay in calling your local pest control company. The pest experts at Prestige Pest Control use innovative pest control technology and the best products available to resolve their customer's pest problems. As a family-owned and operated business, they know that the most important thing in your life is the health and safety of your loved ones. Don't let cockroaches control your kitchen. Contact Prestige Pest Control today to start discussing your pest control options.

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