The Trick To Keeping Raccoons Off Your Savannah Property

raccoon on rooftop

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals known for their striped tails and bandit masks. Growing to be two to three feet in length, these wildlife creatures are known for infiltrating Savannah properties. While they are cute from a distance, if raccoons are frequenting your backyard, it's time to look into Savannah pest control for raccoon prevention and control.

Where Raccoons May Be Hiding

In nature, raccoons live in forested areas with nearby water sources. This could be dens in hollow trees, burrows in the ground, brush piles, or even barns and abandoned buildings. However, raccoons are opportunistic creatures, and if they find a more attractive source of food and shelter, they are not shy about moving onto our properties.

Raccoons in Savannah will raid garbage cans in search of food. They will also damage garden crops and occasionally kill poultry. If they decide they want to move in with you, they will often damage insulation, wooden siding, shingles, and electrical wiring as they nest. Droppings, urine stains, and built up nesting materials can often give clues as to their nesting location.

What To Do When You've Found Raccoons Inside 

Raccoons may be cute at a distance, but when they get inside your home, they can cause all sorts of problems, from damaging belongings to spreading disease and other health risks. Getting raccoons out of your home often requires help from a wildlife expert such as the specialists at Prestige Pest Control. We are equipped to safely and effectively perform nuisance wildlife removal as well as provide exclusion services to prevent raccoons and other animals from getting inside again in the future. 

Five Simple Raccoon Deterrent Tips

The best way to handle raccoon control is to avoid problems in the first place. Some of the best ways you can do this are to eliminate factors that attract raccoons and limit opportunities that allow them access to your home. To keep raccoons out of your property, try these top five tips:

  1. Store trash in tightly sealed containers. Trash is one of the biggest factors that attract raccoons. Keeping trash covered eliminates odors that draw raccoons in as well as access to your tasty leftovers. 
  2. Avoid bird seed and bird feeders, as well as pet food left out. Any time you get in the habit of leaving food out around your home, you are signaling to animals that there is a ready supply of treats inside. 
  3. Seal any entry points into your home, such as broken vents, loose shingles, holes, or uncapped chimneys. Don't forget to check on garages and outbuildings on a regular basis as well. 
  4. Clean up brush piles and other debris that could be used for nesting areas. The closer to your home wildlife like raccoons are nesting, the more likely they are to begin venturing inside. 
  5. Store firewood away from your building. These wood piles are often a place raccoons and other wildlife look to nest.

Deterring wildlife from hanging around your home is the best way to avoid issues with infestations. Once raccoons have made their way onto your property, your best bet is to seek professional wildlife removal assistance. Raccoons carry rabies and parasites and are a threat to your property. It can be challenging to remove them safely (and to ensure they don't return). At Prestige Pest Control, we have guaranteed solutions to solve your toughest pest problems, including raccoons and other wildlife invaders. 

Raccoon Control & Removal With Prestige Pest Control 

If you've ever had a raccoon in your trash can, you know what a huge mess these animals can make. But more than the nuisance of these night time bandits, raccoons can also spread dangerous diseases like rabies as well as parasites. When they move into your home, they damage siding and other building materials, soil insulation, and leave behind smelly and contaminated nesting sites. 

If you are looking for raccoon prevention and control, Prestige Pest Control has the tools to eliminate these invasive animals and protect your home and family. When we work with you to remove raccoons and other wildlife invaders, we don't simply take care of the existing problem. We also help you safeguard your home from future issues. 

For fair prices and treatments that work, you can't go wrong with Prestige Pest Control. Call us today to request your free, no-obligation quote to get started. We have guaranteed solutions to your toughest pest problems and will protect your home and family now and into the future.