How Bed Bug Problems Start In Pooler, GA Homes

a bed bug infestation on bed sheets

When you find bed bugs in your home, you probably have quite a few questions. One of those questions may be regarding the start of the infestation. How did they get inside in the first place? By understanding how bed bug infestations start in Pooler homes, you can better comprehend how to prevent them from ever happening.

Bed Bugs Are Not Attracted To Dirt 

Before you learn anything else about bed bugs, you should know that they are not a pest that seeks out filthy environments. While you can find them in dirty places, you can also find bed bugs in clean homes. Bed bugs don't rely on crumbs of food for sustenance; they depend on human and animal blood. As parasites, these Pooler pests climb onto a warm body and begin sucking blood.

People with clean homes are often astonished to find bed bugs inside. But you can sweep and mop all you want, and bed bugs will still be around. When people and animals are around, bed bugs can thrive.

How Do They Get Inside 

Since bed bugs aren't attracted to dirt or filth, how do they get inside in the first place? Bed bugs usually follow you home. If you travel a lot, you might come across bed bugs at the airport, a hotel, or a bus station. When you place your luggage on the ground, bed bugs might crawl on it and travel along with you. They could get in your jacket or pockets and follow you anywhere.

When you bring bed bugs into your home, they reproduce quickly. Bed bugs have a fast-breeding cycle and can grow from a few bed bugs to a population that's out of control quickly. If you unknowingly bring bed bugs into your home, it's only a matter of time before you have an infestation.

Another way in which these pests can get into your home is through thrift store purchases. Any second-hand item could have bed bugs in it. Although most people associate beds and mattresses with bed bugs, these pests also hide in furniture, clothing, and picture frames. When you bring second-hand items into your home, you risk bringing bed bugs inside as well. 

Tips For Keeping Bed Bugs Out

If you don't want your Pooler home to be overrun with bed bugs, there are a few things you should do. When you travel, don't place your luggage on the floor. Keep it on a bench or use the luggage lifts they have at most hotels. If possible, keep your luggage from touching the walls as well. Bed bugs could climb up the wall and get into your suitcase.

You also need to be careful when you buy used furniture. Before you decide to purchase an item, check it for bed bugs. Look for signs of shed skins, eggs, and live bed bugs. Inspect all items, including appliances and furniture. If you buy used clothing, launder it on high heat before you bring it inside. 

Individuals who live in apartments or on small lots could have bed bugs enter their homes from nearby units. To prevent this from happening, keep your home sealed as well as possible. If you find out your neighbor has bed bugs, be on the lookout for signs of trouble. 

Work With A Professional 

Do you suspect bed bugs are in your home? If so, it's time to get rid of these persistent parasites. Here at Prestige Pest Control, we have a bed bug control program designed to eliminate bed bugs from your home. Our highly trained technicians have the tools needed to get results. If you want to learn more about our methods, call us now.