There Are Pantry Moths Inside My Savannah Home

an indian meal moth in a kitchen

Savannah is a great city to live in; it's known for its natural beauty and rich history. However, one aspect of living in Georgia that is not as great is the abundance of invasive pests that find their way into properties throughout the city. Of the various pests that cause problems in homes all over Savannah, pantry moths are one of the most frequent and frustrating of these pests. 

Why Are There Pantry Moths In My Pantry?

Spotting a pantry moth in your home when you are looking for something to eat in your pantry can be a startling encounter. Pantry moths get their name from their attraction to packaged foods commonly found in pantries. These moths are relatively small, with a wingspan of around half an inch, and the most common species found in homes is the Indian meal moth. These pests will invade your pantry in search of a source of food, often feeding on packaged items like bread, grains, and cereals.

Can Pantry Moths Eat Through Plastic?

Due to the abundance of pantry moths throughout Savannah, it is important to keep food items properly stored to reduce the chance of an infestation. Packaged food items bought at the store should be thoroughly inspected and transferred to a secure container. While these pests cannot chew through plastic, they can access the contents through even the tiniest of holes in the packaging. Another reason for seemingly secure packages to become infested with pantry moths is because food can become infested during packaging, shipping, or sitting on a shelf.

Where Do Pantry Moths Lay Their Eggs?

While pantry moths are primarily a nuisance pest and do not pose a serious risk, they will consume and contaminate food in your home. Another aspect of these pests that can make them extremely difficult to deal with is the frequency and volume with which they lay eggs. Pantry moths can lay up to 400 eggs at once, and pantry moth eggs typically hatch within a week, leading to an infestation quickly getting out of hand if left untreated.

Common places where pantry moths lay their eggs include:

  • Inside cereal boxes.
  • Inside cabinets with stored grains, bread, cereals, or other dried foods.
  • Inside cluttered pantries full of food items.

If you have noticed any signs of pantry moth activity in your home, it is vital to act quickly before the situation gets out of hand. For more information on these invasive pests and what you can do to safeguard your home, reach out to the professionals at Prestige Pest Control.

What Should I Do To Make Pantry Moths Go Away Permanently?

Practical pantry moth prevention techniques, such as covering and storing food properly, effectively reduce the chances of a pantry moth infestation. Infestations may still occur despite your best efforts, and if they do, the only long-term solution is through a Savannah pest control service.

Luckily for homeowners in Savannah, Prestige Pest Control is here to help. Prestige Pest Control, a local Savannah area pest control specialist, has been serving communities across Savannah since 1986 by keeping homes and businesses safe and pest-free. Our certified team of highly trained pest technicians has the experience needed to deal with pantry moths and any other invasive pests that invade properties across Savannah. Don't wait until your problem worsens; call us today if you are dealing with a pantry moth infestation. We will work with you to create a customized home pest control or commercial pest control plan for your specific situation. We offer free estimates on our services and provide flexible scheduling options.