Pooler's Complete Guide To German Cockroach Control

a german cockroach crawling on a white rock

Home and business owners in Pooler are very busy and don’t always have the energy or time to contemplate ongoing pest remediation. Concessions must be made for it though because it’s an essential part of property maintenance. Insects and creatures can enter your space without you knowing it. If they happen to rapidly reproduce, disaster may be ahead. Many critters can destroy buildings and personal effects. On top of that, they can spread germs and make you ill. Cockroaches can do all of the above.

Of all cockroaches, the German subspecies can be particularly troublesome. They are prevalent in human dwellings and are tough to eliminate. Use this guide to get the scoop on how they function and what you can do to stop them. Prestige Pest Control can give you a hand.

How Do German Cockroaches Behave? What Are the Dangers?

German cockroaches are brown or tan and 0.51 to 0.62 of an inch long when they are completely grown. You might see them flying around, but it’s more likely that they’ll be running. The young are entirely black and wingless. Regardless of where they are in their life cycle, these bugs have black stripes behind their head.

As with many insects, food, water, and warmth are what drive German cockroaches into domiciles and establishments. They will crawl through small holes in foundations, doors, windows, or utilities. In many other cases, they’ll be accidentally brought in with impacted furniture, bags, and boxes. Afterward, you’re liable to catch them in trash, cabinets, kitchens, and sinks.

These signs confirm an infestation:

  • Odors: The secretions and communication chemicals of cockroaches are noticeably musty.
  • Droppings: Look in drawers and floor corners for fecal particles. The peppery grains will also be on surfaces and door frames.
  • Eggs: Basements, kitchens, and bathrooms usually have casings and eggs in them.

Regarding health, German cockroaches are a significant threat. They gravitate to gross environments, such as alleys, gutters, and dumpsters. Liquids, dirt, and objects will stick to the spines on their legs. By nature, they have a plethora of microbes on their bodies. Bacterial cells are in their waste and saliva too. When they go across your food and surfaces, they can disperse all the germs they carry and collect. You may end up with salmonella, gastroenteritis, a virus, or a pathogen. Further, there is a link between cockroach carcasses and skin to allergic and asthmatic reactions.

What Can Be Done to Prevent German Cockroaches?

To defeat German cockroaches, you have to be meticulous with your cleaning and structural maintenance practices. You’ll also have to keep your lawn in mind and you should:

  • Get rid of clutter.
  • Clean and vacuum carpeting regularly.
  • Put food and garbage in containers with secure lids.
  • Take out the trash and wash dishes often.  
  • Have leaks and moisture dysfunctions repaired right away.
  • Add sweeps to all doors that face the outside.
  • Close up gaps in windows, doors, foundations, and utilities. Using caulk can be helpful.  
  • Mow the lawn and trim greenery on a routine basis.
  • Sit flowers and plants two feet away from the property.

How Will Prestige Pest Control Handle German Cockroaches?

A lot of people try their luck with commercial products for German cockroaches, but they are often disappointed. These options are typically intended to eradicate a few individual bugs, but not an infestation. Moreover, you have to exercise extreme caution with the items because of their toxicity. The solutions we have at Prestige Pest Control are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our trained technicians will employ chemical or organic interior and exterior treatments that are safe and highly effective. Call today for a free quote.