Are Termites In Savannah Harmful To Humans?

a termite crawling on paper

Many pests can invade your Savannah, GA home or business without you realizing it. In a lot of cases, they are small enough or have the kind of nesting patterns that allow them to go undetected. This is an unsettling fact, as the majority of creepy crawlers can cause significant harm. You may not be privy to any activity until there’s a disaster on your hands. For example, a crumbling dwelling, ruined belongings, or a personal injury. These are the risks with termites.

Termites are insects that eat up wood. Each year in the United States, they cultivate $5 billion in prevention and recovery expenses. It’s highly uncommon for insurance companies to provide support. Learn more about the threats of termites and how you can escape their perils with Prestige Pest Control.

How Do Termites Function? What Are the Risks?

Workers, soldiers, and swarmers are what make up a termite colony. In conjunction with their title, workers are the main ones chipping away at the wood. Predominant species in this region are 0.12 of an inch long and white or grayish-white. Soldiers with sizable mandibles and rectangular heads protect them. The swarmers are focused on leaving full nests to mate, reproduce, and form new cocoons. These ½  inch long bugs are black, brown, or yellow, and winged. Typically, termites will survive for a few years,  the queens on the other hand can make it to a decade.

Wall interiors and ground soil are where the workers and soldiers live. Swarmers fly out, being the only ones visible to humans. They will be most noticeable under windows and lamps; these pests are strongly attracted to light. Given these details, swarmers are a top sign of infestation. Further confirmations are:

  • Discovering the scaly shed wings of swarmers
  • Finding mountains of fecal frass by termite holes, maze patterns, and mud tubes
  • Having hollow-sounding walls
  • Hearing clicking and rustling from behind walls
  • Seeing that paint is looking water damaged
  • Noticing that drywall is off-color and floppy
  • Tiles unfastening
  • Floorboards deteriorating
  • Rigid window frames and doors

The decline of bases and walls is one of the biggest concerns with termite intrusions. Collapses could easily result in someone being hurt or dying. If your home or business is deemed unsuitable to occupy, a relocation will be inevitable. Costs associated with this will be steep, as well as those to revitalize your property. This all could be very taxing in a variety of ways. Fortunately, termites aren’t known to carry or disperse diseases. Your health may be compromised if you have allergies though, as these insects trigger related reactions.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Termites?

To reduce the possibility of termites around your domicile or establishment, perform these tasks:

  • Remove or refurbish wood that is decaying or spoiled.
  • Repair moisture glitches and leaks right away, start with those affecting the wood.
  • Patch up openings with caulk by utility lines and foundations.
  • Add screens to all vents that face the outside.
  • Regularly flush out all vents and gutters.  
  • Distance woodpiles and plants from the property by two feet or more.
  • Avoid letting loose wood, like carpentry panels, have contact with the soil.
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery often.

 How Will Prestige Pest Control Exterminate Termites?

So-called “do it yourself” remedies for termites will only work temporarily if at all. They certainly won’t wipe out an infestation. You’ll need professional interventions from us here at Prestige Pest Control. We have the sophisticated identifying equipment to locate termite hubs. Our experienced technicians will carefully use our industry-standard treatments, designed for both interiors and exteriors. Non-toxic and natural solutions are available. Call us at Prestige Pest Control today!