How Do House Mice Keep Getting Into My Savannah, GA Home?

a house mouse craling in an attic

When most Savannah residents think of home-invading pests, they imagine cockroaches and ants. However, one of the most common home-invading pests in Savannah is the house mouse. This cute rodent is underestimated and could pose a serious threat to your home. Even worse, it seems always to find a way inside. Find out how house mice keep getting indoors and what you should do about this pest problem.

What Are House Mice?

Although people often lump mice and rats together, the two types of rodents have significant differences. If you ever find a rodent in your home, you might be wondering what it is. You can usually identify a mouse by its pointed muzzle, large ears, and hairy tail.

The house mouse is usually dusty gray in color and has a cream-colored belly. However, the fur could be light brown or even dark gray, as some variation is based on the exact species. If you look at the body of a house mouse, it might seem round. The mouse could be anywhere from two to just under four inches long, and the tail may be slightly longer than the body.

While outdoors, the house mouse likes to eat cereal and seeds. With that said, it sometimes eats insects, fruits, and nuts. Inside your home, a house mouse has plenty to choose from. It might eat anything in your garbage and on your counters. Usually, it prefers grains over anything else.

The Dangers Of Savannah’s Mice

If you find a mouse in your home, you could be in danger. No, a mouse might not be a blood-thirsty carnivore. But it does have the ability to spread diseases through urine, saliva, and feces. In some cases, the diseases are life-threatening.

Mice also introduce other pests into your home. When a house mouse has fleas, it brings those fleas into your home. The parasites could then decide to leave the mouse and stay with you or your pets. Furthermore, house mice can trigger allergies.

Another risk is the chance of a house fire. Rodents have sharp, long teeth and always need to chew on things. When you have mice in your walls, they tend to chew on wiring. The result could be a house fire, so there’s a serious threat from mice.

How They’re Getting In

So, you put out a few mouse traps. Even if you managed to get rid of every mouse in your home, they might still find a way inside. House mice often get inside through unsuspecting places. For instance, a small opening may be just large enough for a mouse to squeeze in. A tiny crack could turn into an entrance after a mouse chews at it for long enough. Whether it’s made of concrete or wood, a mouse can chew through it.

If you have certain factors in attracting mice, you can be sure they will find a way inside. The garbage inside your home or food in your pantry could attract house mice in Savannah. Unless you take measures to seal up your food and garbage, you might continue to have mice inside.

Traps Aren't Enough- Time To Call The Professionals

Mice traps alone won’t get rid of mice; you can’t possibly put out enough traps to eliminate all of the mice. You need professional help from our team. Here at Prestige Pest Control, we only hire highly trained technicians. We are dedicated to giving you quality service and to providing ongoing rodent control. If you find mice in your home, call us. We’ll make sure the pests get out and stay out of your home. To find out more, reach out to us now.