Help! I Can’t Keep Opossums Off Of My Pooler Property

a opossum sitting on a log

For a good reason, insects are typically the target when home and business owners pursue pest remediation in Pooler. Bugs can be rather ruinous to both personal property and human health. For instance, they can wreck buildings and belongings, like clothes. In regards to well-being, many critters bite or sting. Moreover, you could come in contact with diseases and germs that lead to illness. When pests procreate rapidly, the stakes are raised. All of this applies to wildlife, like opossums, too, in any case.

Wildlife is sometimes more detrimental than any bug. Managing their populations can be particularly taxing, and the average person struggles to get ahead of things with them. Opossums are very dangerous, and they’re unfortunately common in the area. Learn how to combat these animals and what Prestige Pest Control can do to intervene. 

How Do Opossums Behave? What Are The Risks?

As you might’ve guessed, opossums are similar to possums. The furry gray and white pests have rounded ears that are hairless, four legs, and scaly tails. Their elongated faces are pointed. Being about 40 inches long, the sizable creatures are comparable to house cats. Only the females have a stomach pouch, which they use to lug their newborns. In the United States, opossums are the only marsupials.

Opossums can flourish in various settings, but they prefer wooded, watery, or grassy locations. For instance, you may encounter them in fields and by riversides. They usually nest in hollow trees, brush piles, and neglected burrows made by other animals. It’s important to remember that these pests are excellent swimmers and climbers, and they can jump vast distances. Getting along overhanging tree branches to reach your domicile or establishment won’t be difficult for them. If an opossum wanders into a residential zone, it is because they’re after food and water. Additional attraction points are:

  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Fruit
  • Grains
  • Insects
  • Mammals

Farms, lawns, gardens, and greenery are bound to be damaged by opossums as they feed. If they’re given space to get comfortable, they’ll end up in your garage or attic. In the process, ductwork, insulation, and foundations might be destroyed. Should they fail to find the food they favor, they’ll search through garbage cans and compost bins. When people approach these pests, they’ll emit an odorous defensive liquid. Sometimes, they’ll bite. It’s best to avoid opossums because they have mites and fleas. Also, they’re associated with conditions such as tularemia, leptospirosis, and tuberculosis.

Is There A Way To Prevent Opossums?

You’ll have to put a concerted effort into structural maintenance if you want to block out opossums. Detailed yard care is essential as well. Take these steps:

  • Close up openings in rooflines, foundations, doors, and windows.
  • See to it that vent covers are in good condition.
  • Use containers with animal-proof lids for trash storage and put them in an outbuilding.
  • Refrain from having pet bowls in the yard overnight; opossums are nocturnal creatures.
  • Get rid of the fallen fruit and organic debris on the lawn.
  • Distance plants and woodpiles from the property by at least two feet.
  • Routinely cut the grass and trim the greenery. Push back extensive tree limbs from foundations.
  • Contact Prestige Pest Control if you have critters opossums might munch on.

How Will Prestige Pest Control Handle Opossums?

Considering how much of a threat opossums are, you shouldn’t tackle them and their infestations independently. Besides, commercial pesticides provide short-term results and can be toxic. It’s a safer and more effective choice to reach out to us at Prestige Pest Control. Our wildlife experts will use industrial-grade one-way doors and exclusion tools to remove these animals and deter future intrusions. Call today for a free quote!