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Professional Pest Control For Richmond Hill, Georgia Property Owners

Located less than thirty minutes from downtown Savannah, the small city of Richmond Hill, GA, is a family-oriented place with a safe neighborhood feel. However, that safety is at risk due to the local pest populations. These intruders seek entry into our homes and businesses, looking for food, water, and shelter, putting Richmond Hill property owners at risk of an infestation, and that's a total nightmare that no one wants to deal with. That's why we're here to deal with it for you.

Prestige Pest Control is a family-owned and operated company that's provided complete residential and commercial pest solutions since 1986. We offer customizable pest control services to properties throughout Bryan County and the surrounding areas. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and we only use EPA approved pest control products that are safe for you and your property. Call us today to learn more. 

Home Pest Control In Richmond Hill, GA

Unfortunately, your house, and your loved ones inside of it, are in danger of experiencing a pest infestation, and that's a real threat that you should be aware of. That's why we're here to protect you with our extensive residential pest control services. Our thorough pest control process identifies, eliminates, and prevents household pest activity.

  1. Consultation and inspection: Active pests, entry points, hot spots
  2. Initial service visit: Treatments around the perimeter, such as de-webbing, de-nesting, liquid barrier spray, use of baits and granules as needed, and an interior liquid application
  3. Follow-up: Monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly services for exterior maintenance

Whatever kind of pest problem you're facing, you're not in it alone. The team at Prestige Pest Control is here to handle the situation every step of the way. Give us a call today to discuss your residential pest control needs.


The Importance Of Quality Termite Control In Richmond Hill

termite on a mound

Termites are wood eaters with the ability to cause large-scale property damage. Needless to say, you do not want to find these destructive intruders in your Richmond Hill home or business. It's important to secure quality termite control services from pest professionals because the consequences of a termite infestation are too significant to handle alone.

These moisture pests feed on rotting, decaying wood, tunneling through it. As they feed on the construction of your property, they destroy its structural integrity and put you in serious danger.

Termite damage is also very expensive. Homeowners' insurance usually doesn't include termite damage, meaning the prices are even more jarring. It is estimated that, in the U.S. alone, home and business owners spend five billion dollars on termite repair and prevention costs every single year.

The only guaranteed way to protect your property from termite activity is to get ongoing professional pest control services. Our quality termite control and prevention solutions provide you with trusted pest coverage throughout the year. Reach out to us today to learn more.

How To Keep Carpenter Ants Out Of Your Richmond Hill Home

close up of carpenter ant

Here in Richmond Hill, homeowners should be aware of the presence of carpenter ants. This ant species can do a lot of damage to the structure of your house. They're like termites in that they destroy the wood throughout your homes. However, carpenter ants use wood to construct their nests; they don't actually eat the wood.

A carpenter infestation can be detrimental to your property's structural integrity, and taking a preventative approach is key. If you want to be proactive, you should seal up cracks or crevices along the foundation, doors, windows, and floors. Also, be sure to block off any openings around utility pipes and wires and remove any damp wood and moisture sources around the property.

If you want guaranteed protection from carpenter ants, the best approach is to call in the pest professionals. Prestige Pest Control provides complete carpenter ant control and prevention solutions that homeowners can rely on year-round. Call us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Richmond Hill, GA

It's not easy to run a business; trust us, we know. But things get a lot harder when pest activity becomes a part of the equation. The best way to guard your Richmond Hill business against a pest infestation is to reach out to the experts. The team at Prestige Pest Control offers commercial pest control solutions to over 200 local businesses. Some of the businesses we service include property management, multi-family housing, schools, healthcare facilities, office spaces, and retail.

Here are some of our more specialized services; this will give you an idea of some of the treatments we offer:

  • Bed bugs: Steam treatments, vacuuming hot spots, biochemical treatments using a non-toxic biopesticide made of fungal spores
  • Fire ants: Application of lawn granules that look like fertilizer
  • Mosquitoes: Chemical sprays, biochemical mosquito traps (we also do special events like birthdays and weddings)
  • Rodents: Snap traps, rodent baits, exclusion services for an additional fee, and inspection for new construction

Three Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Richmond Hills Homes

Bed bugs are a potential problem year-round for Richmond homeowners. Removing an existing bed bug problem is always more difficult than preventing one from occuring, so it’s important to know where they come from so that you can make preparations against them.

So, where do bed bugs come from? There are three primary sources:

  • On luggage, purses, and bags

  • On clothing or accessories

  • In furniture

Bed bugs will latch onto almost anything, including suitcases, boxes, shoes, and other items and travel on the objects to a new home. Bed bugs infest more than just beds, and can settle in chairs, sofas, and other furniture - or even within the walls. Their ability to get almost anywhere in a home is the main factor that makes bed bugs so difficult to eliminate without professional help. Luckily, Prestige Pest offers comprehensive professional bed bug solutions that eliminate them entirely from the house, no matter where they might be hiding. Contact us today for more details. 

Answering Richmond Hill's Most Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions

Bed bugs are an absolute nightmare for home and business owners. They’re upsetting to discover and even harder to get rid of. We get many calls from concerned property owners asking all sorts of questions about bed bugs and what harm they pose. Here are some of the most frequently asked bed bug questions and our go-to answers:
Are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs aren’t dangerous in the traditional sense. They don’t really pose a real threat to your health or safety, but they do contaminate your space and make it so you may have to dispose of certain belongings. They also emit a musty odor from their scent glands, creating an unpleasant, moldy smell.

Are humans the only hosts that bed bugs feed on?

While bed bugs mainly feed on the blood meal of humans, they can also feed on the blood of other warm-blooded animals, like birds and poultry. However, human blood is their primary food source.

How do bed bugs travel from one place to the next?

Bed bugs hitchhike from one surface to the next, traveling via their ability to latch onto something or someone moving between rooms. This is how the infestation can spread quickly throughout a property. 

If you think you may have a bed bug problem in your Richmond Hill home or business, the best plan of action is to call in the pest professionals right away. Here at Prestige Pest Control, we’ll help you kick those bed bugs to the curb. Call today to learn more. 

The Ultimate Guide in Making Your Richmond Hill Home Unattractive to Rodents

Between a rodent’s ability to sneak into small cracks around your home and the fact that they reproduce so fast, a rodent infestation can become a considerable problem rather quickly. The best approach is to be as proactive as possible in your prevention efforts. Here are some preventative measures you can take to protect your space from rodent infestation:

  • Block off any entry points around your property.

  • Eliminate easy access to food by storing all food in gnaw-proof containers.

  • Fix leaky pipes and faulty faucets.

  • Keep woodpiles stores away from the perimeter of the structure. 

  • Maintain cleanliness, and eliminate clutter in the living space.

  • Maintain well-trimmed vegetation and landscaping. 

  • Reduce excess moisture and sources of water.

  • Seal up cracks and crevices, even the tiniest of them.

The most effective way to protect your property from rodent activity is to get professional pest control services regularly. The team at Prestige Pest Control provides comprehensive rodent control solutions that Richmond Hill homeowners can count on. After detecting all problem areas, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan to meet the needs of your Richmond Hill home. Give us a call today to discuss your rodent control needs.

What To Do About Rodents On Your Richmond Hill Property

Rodents are dangerous pests, host to numerous diseases and parasites. Not only that, bu they are notorious for gnawing into and around any homes they come into contact with, which can include chewing holes into your walls and floors. Or worse, they could gnaw into electrical wiring and create a fire risk. This is why it’s always best to leave rodent issues on your property to the professionals. Prestige Pest Control technicians are licensed and certified to remove rodents safely and effectively from homes. Don’t leave your Richmond Hill property at risk for the problems and dangers rodents present: call us immediately for professional rodent removal services!

Why Richmond Hills Cockroaches Are Harmful To Its Residents

Cockroaches are a problem no one wants to deal with, and for good reason: they can be seriously harmful to your health. Cockroaches are harmful to Richmond residents for a number of reasons:

  • They spread numerous bacteria and diseases

  • Their presence can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks

  • They contaminate any food they come into contact with

  • Their droppings and dead bodies create perfect conditions for further bacteria development

Cockroaches are difficult and dangerous pests, but they can be eliminated. The preferred course of action is to never have a cockroach problem in the first place, unfortunately, sometimes even the best preventive measures aren’t enough. That’s why Prestige Pest offers comprehensive roach control programs designed to eliminate any and all roaches from homes we treat. Contact us today for more details. 

All The Ways Cockroaches In Richmond Hill Are Harmful To Your Health

Cockroaches have a varied diet, ranging from decaying matter, and sewage, to straight-up garbage. As they travel around from one dirty area to the next, they pick up all kinds of germs and pathogens. Then they bring these pathogens inside and spread them all around your space.
Roaches also leave droppings all around your property, including feces, saliva, and shed skin, all of which contain allergens. When these allergens become airborne, they trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Cockroach contamination can expose you to a long list of adverse health conditions, including cholera, dysentery, salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, listeriosis, giardia, E.coli infection, typhoid fever, and other viral diseases. 
At the first indication of cockroach activity, the best thing to do is to call in your local pest professionals. Prestige Pest Control has your back, so reach out today for all your cockroach control and prevention needs.

The Secret To Minimizing Mosquito Problems Around Your Richmond Hill Yard

There aren’t many simple pleasures better than enjoying time in your backyard. However, nothing will send you back inside faster than a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around your head. Mosquitoes are obnoxious pests that can bite, leaving itchy red welts on the skin. Worse still, they are dangerous. Therefore, you need to know the effective measures you can rely on to limit mosquito populations on your property. These include:

  • Fill in low-lying areas or holes that might collect rainwater.

  • Store lids or containers that might collect rain upside down.

  • Keep gutter free of debris.

  • Avoid overwatering your lawn.

  • Keep your lawn cut short and trim back other vegetation around your property.

If mosquito activity persists, contact the pros here at Prestige Pest Control. Our mosquito control program is guaranteed to reduce mosquito numbers around your property. To learn more about our mosquito services, give us a call today. 

How To Prevent Fleas Around Your Richmond Hill Home

Fleas are small, parasitic pests that can be hard to detect. An infestation could be going on without your knowing, putting you and your household pets at risk. That’s why it’s important to be proactive in your efforts to prevent fleas. Here are some helpful ways to prevent fleas around your Richmond Hill home:

  • Clear clutter and vacuum carpets, floors, furniture, and crevices where a flea can easily hide.

  • If you do have pets, treat them with a flea bath and/or flea spray.

  • Use outdoor flea repellent on the exterior of your home to reduce the chances of infestation.

  • Vacuum eggs and larvae and properly dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed trash can.

  • Wash all bedding, linens, laundry, and upholstery that has come into contact with the animal.

At the end of the day, the most reliable flea control and prevention source is to call on the pest professionals. Prestige Pest Control provides complete flea detection and extermination services that protect you and your pets throughout the year. Reach out today for a detailed service quote.


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