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Professional Pest Control For Midway, GA Property Owners

In Midway, GA, humidity is an inescapable part of life. While it can make spending time outside more comfortable, it also provides pests with an environment in which they can thrive. If you are a home or business owner, here in Midway, you need effective pest solutions to keep these unwanted invaders out of your property.

Here at Prestige Pest Control, we customize our commercial and residential pest solutions to be as effective as possible for the property we are servicing. Additionally, we also offer all-natural pest solutions for those who wish to avoid certain products. To schedule a free inspection of your property, give us a call today or continue reading to learn more about our pest control services.

Home Pest Control In Midway, GA

Residential pest control is simply about keeping pests out of your home. It also means protecting your family from the various threats that pests pose. To do so effectively, you need pest solutions that address your home’s specific needs. We begin we a comprehensive evaluation of your property, inside and out. During this free inspection, we look for signs of life, entry points, and other conditions conducive to infestations. Based on our findings, we develop a treatment plan specific to your home’s needs. Treatments vary, but we will always treat both the interior and exterior of your home. We also offer follow-up treatments to ensure your home remains pest-free. These treatments can be scheduled to occur monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. To learn more about our residential pest control process, or to schedule your free inspection, give us a call today.


What Every Midway Resident Ought To Know About Termites

termite crawling in wood tunnel

Termites are ant-like insects that feed on cellulose found in wood. In doing so, they can cause extensive damage to homes if they get inside. Therefore, homeowners need to take the necessary steps to make their property less accessible and hospitable to these destructive pests. This includes:

  • Remove or replace any water-damaged or decaying wood in your home.

  • Install dehumidifiers in areas where ventilation is poor. 

  • Fix leaking pipes or fixtures that can cause water damage. 

  • Fill in cracks in the foundation with caulk. 

  • Limit wood-to-soil contact around the property. 

  • Store firewood away from the exterior of the property.

As termites can cause so much damage to a home, you need to contact the professionals here at Prestige Pest Control right away if your home is infested. We offer dependable termite solutions that you can count on to limit damage and keep your property safe. Give us a call today to learn more.

Benefits Of Pro Mosquito Control For Midway Residents

a mosquito biting a human

Everyone knows how annoying mosquitoes can be. However, not many people realize how dangerous they can be, too. Mosquitoes can transmit several harmful bloodborne illnesses. Therefore, you need effective mosquito solutions to reduce their population on your property. Unfortunately, many people think they can address the problem on their own. However, most DIY mosquito treatments aren’t that effective or don’t address the root of the problem. This can lead to further exposure to mosquitoes and the threats they pose.

If you are dealing with a large number of mosquitoes on your Midway property, you need effective solutions. That’s where we come in. At Prestige Pest Control, we offer mosquito control options that you can count on to reduce mosquito populations around your property. Don’t let mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying your own backyard. Give us a call today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Midway, GA

Pests can cause a lot of problems for businesses, including damaging your reputation within the community. To keep pests out of your business, you need pest solutions that meet your needs. We begin by speaking with you to learn as much as we can about your pest control needs, including any industry regulations that must be observed. Then, we perform a free inspection of your property to determine and entry points, signs of life, or conducive conditions. Based on our findings, we develop a pest treatment plan that is specific to your property’s needs and offer you a free quote. Treatments vary from business to business but include both interior and exterior treatments. These may include perimeter treatments, bait placement, and granule application. We offer follow-up services on monthly basis to ensure your business remains protected throughout the year. To schedule your initial inspection, give us a call today and learn more about our commercial pest control services.

Pest Control in Midway, GA

With a rich history that dates back to the 18th-century, Midway, Georgia, draws all sorts of history buffs and tourists to live here. Unfortunately, Midway can draw plenty of pests too. Midway residents should know about the problems ants can cause, how to get rid of bed bugs and deal with rodents, and how Prestige Pest Control can help. 

Ants & Common Pest Problems In The Midway Area

Ants – as well as other common pests – can cause multiple problems in your Midway home, including: 

They’re a Nuisance Pest

Perhaps one of the biggest problems people have with ants, regardless of species, is how much of a nuisance they are. If you’ve got an infestation, you might start seeing these pests everywhere – like near your trash cans, sinks, food, and anywhere else they think they might pick up food. 

They Contaminate Food

Because they’re trying to eat your food, it’s only natural for ants to contaminate your pantry or refrigerator, especially if you aren’t properly sealing your leftovers or other items in your home. Cockroaches, rodents, and pantry pests can also contaminate your food. 

Some Species Spread Bacteria & Disease

Do ants spread disease? Ants can’t spread disease, but they can transmit bacteria. Not all ants can spread bacteria, but some species, like pharaoh ants, are capable of contaminating your home with salmonella and other bacteria. 

Many pests are capable of spreading disease and bacteria too. Cockroaches are also responsible for the spread of bacteria, while rodents carry dangerous diseases, like rat-bite fever or hantavirus. 

Midway Pest Control Pros On How To Stay Bed Bug-Free

When it comes down to preventing bed bugs, here are some easy tips for keeping your home free of bed bugs – straight from the pros: 

  • Don’t leave your luggage and clothing on hotel room floors: If you’re staying at a hotel, motel, or even a friend’s house, you should avoid leaving luggage and other items on the floor. If placed out of reach, it’s much harder for bed bugs to crawl on personal belongings.
  • Don’t keep items under the bed: Since many bed bug infestations start in mattresses or box springs, bed bugs have a much easier time reaching your belongings if stored under the bed. 
  • Perform an inspection of your lodging area: Even if you’re keeping luggage off the floor, it’s always good to inspect the hotel or guest room where you’re staying. Check the sheets, under the mattress, and even the box spring for live bed bugs or rusty stains.
  • Immediately wash clothing and luggage after traveling: Whether you’ve been at the airport or in a hotel, you should always wash clothing and suitcases once you arrive home. Putting your suitcase or clothes on the floor before you wash them will give bed bugs a chance to hop off first.
  • Inspect used items before you buy: When it comes to used furniture and appliances, you should always inspect them for signs of bed bugs before purchasing. Check cracks, crevices, and under cushions, and make sure you avoid taking furniture from dumpsters and curbs.

Since they’re so hard to prevent, the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to work closely with the pros at Prestige Pest Control. 

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Rodents From Your Midway Property

Is it hard to get rid of rodents? Regardless of which types of rodents you’re dealing with, none of them are good news – nor are they easy to eliminate. 

Both rats and mice have long, strong teeth and mouths that make it easy to chew through most materials, including vinyl, plastic, wood, and wiring. These pests can slip through the tiniest holes and cracks in your home or chew a hole until it’s big enough to slip through. 

Once they’ve gotten into your home, rodents reproduce quickly and hide to avoid detection. A rodent infestation can go unnoticed for months, which gives these pests plenty of time to grow their numbers. 

Given how dangerous they can be to your health, the best way to get rid of rodents is by relying on the pros to do it for you. 

The Ultimate Spider-Prevention Guide For Midway Property Owners

Whether you’re dealing with a dangerous spider like the black widow or a harmless nuisance spider, there are several ways to prevent spiders from infesting your home

  • Remove excess clutter around your house, as it provides hiding areas for spiders.
  • Keep woodpiles and firewood several feet away from your home, and inspect any yard debris or wood before you bring it inside.
  • Use caulk or a similar sealant to block off tiny gaps and holes in your foundation.
  • Don’t leave food sitting out around your home as this may bring in other pests that spiders like to eat.
  • Keep your garbage cans sealed tightly and regularly emptied.

Whether you’ve got spiders, bed bugs, rodents, ants, or another type of pest in your Midway home, the only true solution to prevent pest problems is working with the pros at Prestige Pest Control. If you suspect you have a pest infestation or would like to learn more about pest prevention, contact us today to learn more. 


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