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Professional Pest Control For Meldrim, Georgia Property Owners

Located just 17 miles northwest of Savannah, the community of Meldrim, GA, is brimming with modern charm. Not so charming, however, are the local pest populations lurking around our homes and businesses. Throughout the year, Meldrim property owners are vulnerable to experiencing infestation, and it’s important to secure the proper pest protection. The team at Prestige Pest Control is here to help. 
Since 1986, our family-owned and operated company has been servicing homes and businesses throughout Effingham County and the surrounding areas. Our team of expert pest technicians work hard to provide our valued clientele with safe, hassle-free services at an economical price. Whatever kind of pest problem you’re facing, you can count on the team at Prestige Pest Control to bring you the pest-free results you’re looking for.

Home Pest Control In Meldrim, GA

Prestige Pest Control is here to protect your Meldrim home from the dangers of household pest infestation. We’re proud to service over 2,000 residences in the area, bringing homeowners and their loved ones the quality pest protection they deserve. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and we only use EPA approved home pest control products that are safe for you and your property. 
Starting with an in-depth inspection, we get right to work treating the root of the problem. We treat our customers like they’re a part of our family, providing customized pest treatments all year long. Our return visits are scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to give you ongoing exterior maintenance. Not only do our home services give you continued protection, but we also offer 24-hour services and a 90-day warranty. Contact us for a complimentary quote.


Seven Signs Of Termite Evidence In Meldrim

termite alates crawling in a jar

Termite damage can be truly devastating for Meldrim property owners. The best way to approach your termite control needs is to be as proactive as possible. The first thing you should be able to do is identify signs of termite activity around your home or business. Here are seven indications of termites:

1. Appearance of water damage.

2. Damp, damaged, or weakened wood.

3. Gallery tunnels in the ground.

4. Hollow sounding wood with maze-like designs.

5. Swarmer termites looking for new breeding sites.

6. Wings discarded on the floor near doors and windows.

7. Worker termites in the soil that look like white ants.

If you think you may have a termite problem on your hands, act fast and reach out to the team at Prestige Pest Control right away. Our termite control services guarantee a completely termite-free property all year long. We work with you to develop the appropriate plan of action to target your termite problem. Call us today to get started.

How Dangerous Are Meldrim Bed Bugs?

close up of carpenter ant

We often hear the warning, “don’t let the bed bugs bite,” and while their bites are certainly part of the problem, there are bigger dangers at play. Not only do they bite, but they hide skillfully, travel stealthily, and spread rapidly. 
These nocturnal parasites are very small, making it hard to see them in action. They hide away during the day, coming out only at night to feed on our blood. Believe it or not, it’s not only areas in and around your bed that are at risk. Bed bugs can travel to any area of your property via hitchhiking on another person or object in motion. 
In this way, they spread quickly throughout homes and businesses, and infestation can go undetected for long periods of time. Bed bug infestation is a real nightmare that you don’t want to handle on your own. That’s why we’re here. The team at Prestige Pest Control provides complete bed bug detection and extermination services that you can depend on, guaranteed.

Commercial Pest Control In Meldrim, GA

When pests get into your Meldrim business, your entire operation is compromised. Infestation threatens your employees, customers, and overall reputation. The best plan of action is to get professional pest protection. For the best commercial pest solutions in the area, you’ve come to the right place. 
Prestige Pest Control has serviced over 200 local businesses, covering a wide range of facilities, like property management, multi-family housing, schools, healthcare facilities, office spaces, and retail. Some of our commercial pest solutions include:

  • Bed bugs – Steam treatments, vacuuming hot spots, and biochemical treatments using a non-toxic biopesticide made of fungal spores.

  • Mosquitoes – Chemical sprays, and biochemical mosquito traps. (We also do special events like birthdays and weddings.)

  • Rodents – Snap traps, rodent baits, exclusion for additional fee, and inspection for new construction.

  • Fire Ants – Application of lawn granules that look like fertilizer.

Our insecticides are made from USDA approved ingredients, and we offer eco-friendly options and all-natural methods to meet your needs and preferences. After we finish treating the premises, we come back monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to maintain pest-free conditions moving forward. Reach out to us to learn more. We provide free estimates and inspections to get you started.


What Summer House Spider Infestations Could Mean To Meldrim Residents

house spider crawling on floor

Most of the time, spiders end up in your home because they're after one thing: food. Unlike ants or fruit flies, which may infest your home because you've left other food out, spiders aren't interested in human leftovers – they're after other pest prey, like flies, ants, and other insects.

If you've got an existing pest problem in your Meldrim home, there's a good chance that spiders will follow – and it's usually not tricky for them to make it inside. Spiders use the same openings that a lot of pests do: doors, windows, air vents, and other tiny openings. Even the tiniest cracks in your foundation or small rip in your window screen can become an entry point for spiders to get inside. Professional spider control can keep your home spider-free this summer.

Are Cockroaches In Meldrim More Of A Problem In The Summer?

cockroach in basement

While some pests may become more active during the winter to escape the cold, cockroaches are one of the few pests that pop up more during the warmer months. The scorching heat of Meldrim's summer can encourage cockroaches to come out of hiding – and they'll be on the lookout for water, food, and shelter. 
Worried about how to keep them out of your home? Cockroaches can be difficult to prevent, but there are some practices you can implement to lower the risk of these pests in your home, such as:

  • Keep any leftovers or food items sealed in packages or containers.
  • Use a lid to seal your garbage cans (both indoors and out.)
  • Get rid of excess clutter lying around your home, as this can give roaches more places to hide and go unnoticed.
  • Don't forget to check under and behind appliances when cleaning up food scraps or crumbs.
  • Don't ignore plumbing problems or drainage issues, like leaky faucets or pipes.
  • Use caulk or foam to seal tiny cracks and crevices in walls, near doorways, or around the foundation of your home.
  • Carefully inspect used or secondhand items, like furniture or appliances, before you bring them into your home.

Minimizing the factors that attract cockroaches and eliminating potential entry points can go a long way toward preventing an infestation. However, if cockroaches are already inside your home, it's time to call in the cockroach control professionals. Prestige Pest Control can eliminate existing cockroaches and help you prevent them from returning.

The Biggest Problem With Having Fleas In Your Meldrim Home

flea in animal hair

Flea infestations may be a hassle, but are fleas dangerous? Unfortunately, yes, fleas can pose dangerous health risks – to both people and pets. For pets, fleas can be troublesome for a couple of reasons.

Not only can they cause allergic reactions in a lot of animals that lead to excessive scratching and hair loss, but some fleas can also have tapeworms. If your pet accidentally eats a flea, they could end up with a tapeworm too. In other cases, severe flea infestations could even make smaller animals, like puppies and kittens, anemic.

Fleas may not use people as hosts, but they can still bite us and spread disease. Not all fleas are carriers, but these pests do have the potential to spread murine typhus, tungiasis, tularemia, and bartonellosis. Professional flea control is the best way to combat these parasites.

Three Things Everyone In Meldrim Ought To Know About Rodents

rodent in rodent trap

The first thing to understand about rodents is what type of rodents may invade your Meldrim home, including:

  • Norway rats: These stocky, brown rats prefer to burrow their way into the lower levels of homes and frequent sewers in urban areas.
  • Roof rats: Rather than burrowing into homes, roof rats prefer to climb the sides of houses and access homes from the roof.
  • House mice: House mice are significantly smaller than rats, but the damage they cause can be just as significant.

Some other key facts to know about rodents like Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice include:

  1. Mice can fit their bodies through a hole that's the size of a pen, while adult rats can fit through one that's the size of a quarter.
  2. Rats and mice have extremely strong teeth capable of chewing through several materials, including wood, plastic, and vinyl. Rats are considered to be some of the smartest animals on the planet, a fact which makes them even trickier to eliminate in homes.
  3. Home-invading rodents, like rats and mice, have a long history of relying on humans for food and warmth that goes back centuries, and, once established, they do not move out of homes willingly.

Whether you've got rodents, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, or some other pest, there's only one good way to get them out: Prestige Pest Control. We're the trusted choice for pest management in Meldrim. If you think you've got pests living in your home, contact us today at Prestige Pest Control and learn how we can help eliminate pests and keep them from returning. 


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