What Everyone Should Know About Termite Swarmers In Savannah

termite swarmers on a stick

Savannah, Georgia, is a charming city in the Peach State that welcomes visitors all year round. It has a massive variety of flowers that cover the town in unforgettable beauty when in full bloom. When soft, gentle breezes begin to sweep through the city, residents and visitors alike can smell the lovely fragrances that float around them. These same warm breezes also bring some less than pleasant termite swarmers to area properties making pest control in Savannah necessary.

What Do Termite Swarmers Look Like?

Most people have heard stories about termites and the damage they can cause to structures, but not many have heard the term "swarmers." Swarmers are the reproductive division of the termite caste system that uses wings to find suitable nesting sites. While they are often confused with flying ants, they have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

Four ways to identify swarmer characteristics include the following:

  1. They have long dark brown/black bodies (Their waist is NOT pinched like flying ants).
  2. They have two pairs of see-through milky wings that are the same size with hairs that are hard to see. (Ants wings are not the same size.)
  3. They have straight antennae. (Ants antennae are bent.)
  4. Their bodies measure between ¼ to ½ inches.

Termites show up in almost every state, but moist warm cities such as Savannah provide ideal conditions for termites to thrive. Since properties in Savannah are extremely inviting to termites, being aware of the signs of their migration is essential.

Termite Swarmers Could Be The First Warning Sign

Seeing termite swarmers around your property may signify that your property is the future home to a new colony of termites. When temperatures reach around 70 degrees, termite swarmers will begin to leave their nests in large numbers. Since swarmers are reproductive termites, they ensure that termite populations grow and thrive. Female swarmers use pheromones to lure males. Once a male finds a female attractive, their wings will break off (which means they are a couple). The couple will then begin searching for the perfect nest, so they can mate and begin a new colony.

How Long Do Termite Swarms Last?

Termite swarms are typically a yearly event. Depending on the weather, the type of termite, and the area's conditions, swarms usually happen from February through May. Other (less common termites) can swarm in the fall months. Swarms generally take flight during the daytime when the weather warms up and after rainfall. Most reports show that swarms typically last between 30 to 40 minutes. Since they are usually attracted to a light source, property owners often notice their discarded wings by a window.

How Do You Get Rid Of Termite Swarmers?

If property owners find signs of swarmers around their building, call the pest professionals at Prestige Pest Control immediately. We will respond to your pest needs within 24-hours of your call. Offering our customers a free inspection and estimate, put our 30+ years of experience to the test. Our eco-friendly home pest control treatments guarantee that people and pets will be protected while destructive termites get eliminated. Termite removal is not our only goal; we also want to provide you with ways to deter future termite infestations on your property. Reach out to us today and let our company show you how we treat family!