Just How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In Pooler?

a mosquitoe on a liberty county resident

People differ on a lot of topics, but most agree that insects and creatures can be extremely annoying and/or frightening. Mosquitoes would probably top the list for agitating bugs. You can hardly step outside, without these pests swarming near you. They are determined to land on your skin and drink your blood. Once they’re finished, itchy red bumps will appear. Unfortunately, that’s not the worst-case scenario.

Mosquitoes suck fluid from both humans and animals. This can give way to diseases being transmitted, which is why many experts consider them to be the most lethal insects around. Learning more about these bugs and their specific risks will enable you to better protect your property. You’ll find out how to prevent mosquitoes in Pooler, GA with the help of Prestige Pest Control.

What Are the Dangers of Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes cause big problems, but they are very small. Their scaly bodies are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long, hence their name meaning “little fly.” Among their characteristics are wings, fine-point and thin legs, and evident noses. The female bugs are the ones that seek out your blood, as it assists with the production of eggs. Water is also elemental in this process, in addition to it being necessary for overall mosquito survival. These pests will congregate by standing pools of water. Larvae in particular consume organisms from the liquid. The third site of focus is nectar. Considering these factors, homes, and businesses in close proximity to bodies of water or plush landscaping will encounter mosquitoes often. Examples are rivers, lakes, marshes, forests, and gardens. There are approximately 3,500 species in the world.

Doors and windows that are left open or have perimeter gaps are how mosquitoes enter dwellings. Dark spaces with low-traffic, such as a closet, are where they will settle. These insects want to reduce their chances of being detected. An area is even more attractive if it has a source of water. For instance, a laundry room. Naturally, spotting mosquitoes or consistently discovering bites on your body are signs of an infestation.

Here are key details about some health conditions mosquitoes spread:

  • 5% of infants will be affected by birth defects stemming from the Zika virus
  • Fever and intense joint pain are symptoms of incurable Chikungunya virus
  • Nausea, rashes, and fever are results of Dengue virus
  • Sweating and chills come with malaria 
  • While 80% of infected persons are asymptomatic, the West Nile virus can cause fatal neurological reactions 
  • Severe kidney, heart, and liver issues are associated with Yellow Fever

What Can You Do to Prevent Mosquitoes?

Perform these tasks to keep mosquitoes away:

  • Light candles that contain essential oils, like peppermint and lavender.
  • Set mosquito traps outside. Be sure to wash them out regularly. 
  • Frequently drain pet drinking bowls and swimming pools to cut down on standing water. 
  • Mow the lawn and trim greenery routinely.
  • Get debris off the lawn and out of gutters.
  • Avoid wearing dark colors, such as black and blue. It’s easy for mosquitoes to see these hues. 
  • Be advised that drinking alcohol seeps from your skin and will attract mosquitoes. 

How Will Prestige Pest Control Exterminate Mosquitoes?

Retail products for mosquitoes are usually too weak or noxious. You could accidentally put yourself or vegetation in harm’s way. The industrial-grade solutions from Prestige Pest Control are potent but completely safe. Our skilled technicians will apply a chemical or biochemical treatment, like our In2Care Mosquito Trap, designed to eliminate mosquito populations and eggs. Don’t wait for another second to shield yourself from these bugs and crippling illnesses. Reach out and call us today at  Prestige Pest Control!