Are The Opossums In Savannah Causing Problems?

opossum in a tree

Sitting amongst a veil of Spanish moss lies the charming city of Savannah, Georgia. You can spend a whole week lazily exploring the various architecture on different street corners. With all that exploring, food is a must at the end of the day. The locals around Savannah know how to put on a feast, and the variety of food choices is astounding. Another connoisseur of Savannah food is the opossum, and if homeowners leave yummy food sources in their yard, Savannah Pest Control may become necessary.

How To Tell If Opossums Are Hiding Around Your Yard

Opossums are opportunistic omnivores that feel right at home in many different environments. Whether you live in rural, suburban, or urban areas, you may have a run-in with them. Since you never know when they will show up, homeowners would be wise to look for signs of opossums hiding in their yards.

Eight signs that opossums are hiding out on your property include:

  1. Pet food left outside that disappears rapidly
  2. Trampled or damaged crops, plants, or gardens (from chewing)
  3. Spilled trash cans
  4. Damages to the outside of your home (torn shingles, eaves, siding, and gutters)
  5. Unusual sounds (clicking, shrieking, hissing)
  6. An overabundance of large feces (similar to a house cat)
  7. Chewed water lines and wires.
  8. Barking dogs (especially at night)

When opossums wander into yards, something lures them there. Homeowners are wise to make themselves aware of the many attractions in their yard that can entice them.

What Attracts Opossums?

Opossums are solitary animals that eat plants and animals. Their main priorities are food, water, and shelter (under porches, garages, hollow trees/logs). Since opossum diets are so varied, anything can lure them to yards.

Six foods in a yard that are possible attractions to opossums include:

  1. Bird feeders (They eat birds, bird eggs, bird nestlings, and birdseed.)
  2. Small mammals and insects.
  3. Berries, acorns, and fruits.
  4. Trash
  5. Grains
  6. Pet food

Since yards provide for many of an opossum's needs, it is often necessary to contact expert pest professionals to develop a plan of removal and prevention. Prestige Pest Control has the tools and experience to create a plan that will deter opossums from making themselves at home in your yard.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Opossums Out Of Your Trash?

Removing conditions that attract opossums is the best way to keep them out of your yard. Since trash is one of the easiest ways for an opossum to get sustenance, it is wise to take steps to keep it away from these nocturnal critters.

Five ways to keep opossums out of your trash include:

  1. Use metal trash cans with a clamp or lock.
  2. Place something heavy on top of trash cans.
  3. Spray ammonia inside trash cans.
  4. Use a repellant outside (on the ground) around trash cans. (Some recommend natural repellants like cayenne/hot pepper.)
  5. Place trash cans outside only on the morning of trash pickup.

Even after taking precautions with your trash cans, you may still have issues with opossums. After identifying that you have an opossum problem, it's time to think about how to get rid of them.

Complete Wildlife Pest Control Services In Savannah

The only way to experience complete wildlife pest control in Savannah is by using the services of the pest professionals at Prestige Pest Control. Our company has been removing unwanted pests from properties since 1986. Our family-owned and operated company treats customers like members of the family. Your concerns are our concerns, and we will strive to resolve your pest problems fairly and economically. Call Prestige Pest Control today for your free estimate.