Wolf Spiders In Savannah Can Be Tricky To Get Rid Of

wolf spider coming inside

Most people aren't too fond of spiders, and even if you are, you probably don't want a bunch of wolf spiders running free around your home. Although not considered much more than nuisance pests, these stealthy predators can still become rather irritating or jarring in abundance and can often point to a more serious pest problem in your home. Unlike other types of spiders, wolf spiders don't weave webs to catch their prey, making them more likely to wander into sight.

If you're seeing an unusual number of spiders on your property, you've come to the right place. Our experts at Prestige Pest Control help with this handy guide to pest control in Savannah. Read on to learn everything you need to know about wolf spiders, including the best ways to kick them out of your home and keep them out for good.

How To Identify Wolf Spiders 

Despite being one of the most common household spiders in our area, wolf spiders are often elusive enough that you may have trouble identifying them. Because they don't rely on their webs to catch prey, wolf spiders are incredibly fast, which only complicates matters further. 

However, once you know what to look for, you can identify these pests in your home and start to take measures against them. Wolf spiders are brown, with fuzzy legs and pale stripes. They're often on the larger end at about an inch and a half long, which can be alarming to some people. But are they dangerous?

The Dangers Of Wolf Spiders On Your Property

Anyone afraid of spiders may be relieved to learn that wolf spiders aren't considered dangerous. They're usually minor nuisance pests, unable to inflict much more than a mild bite, and only as a last resort self-defense measure.

The real danger with wolf spiders on your property is usually an underlying pest problem that has attracted them. Wolf spiders, like all spiders, are predators. If there are an unusual number of wolf spiders on your property, it could point to a population of other pests serving as their food. It's a good idea to remove not only the spiders but to look into further potential infestations as well.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Wolf Spiders

The best home defense for spiders comes with professional guidance. Our experts at Prestige Pest Control are here to help. Don't let these unruly arachnids run you out of your own house. Our certified technicians can be there as soon as it's convenient for you, ready to root out the specific cause of the problem. Whether you're worried about an underlying infestation or want to protect yourself from the possibility, give us a call, and discover what our team of experts can do for you. 

How To Keep Wolf Spiders Away From Your Property

When it comes to effective pest control, prevention is vital. Whether you've already been through a pesky spider problem or want to make sure you never do, there are plenty of steps you can take. Here are a few effective prevention measures to keep wolf spiders away from your property:

  • Keep your property clean and clutter-free.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices around your property.
  • Install door sweeps and window screens.
  • Eliminate all excess moisture.
  • Eliminate other pests which serve as spider food.
  • Partner with the professionals at Prestige Pest Control for ongoing guidance.

You don't have to contend with the many local spiders in our area on your own. For guaranteed protection, contact Prestige Pest Control today.